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The Newest & Most Extreme Way to Team Build is Here. Take a spin around to go-kart track blindfolded, problem-solve with Axe Throwing, or Gellyball Blast your competition with teamwork.

welcome to the new age of team building

Has your office or team lost their connection?

Change that all today–team leaders, owners, managers, bosses, and HR, you don’t need to host a trivial team bonding event in the office with your basic, boring trust falls anymore. Because High Caliber has come to save the day. 

Introducing EXTREME TRUST FALL ACTIVITIES at High Caliber, well, at least one of the three new offerings are pretty extreme, but anything that includes axe throwing should kinda be grandfathered in don’t you think? The new activities that are now available at the local go-kart facility include Blindfolded Go-Karting, Problem-Solving Axe Throwing, and Gellyball Volleyball.

Why did CEO and President, Jordan Munsters want to develop a new, more exciting team-building exercise offer though? His word below. ⬇️

Remote work has left our offices empty, both physically and emotionally. We’ve been looking to solve that detachment problem because we know that people belong together. Working together. Playing together. We saw a need for businesses to reconnect their employees and work closely again.

We decided to fill this new void the High Caliber way, with fun.


team building at high caliber

Blindfolded Go-Karting aka Extreme Trust Falls

A single person will start as the blindfolded driver (YUP, you read that right), another will start as the spotter, and your third team member will be on deck. The spotter will speak directions into a headset for the driver to make their way around the track. The team then rotates throughout, quickest time wins, but every time you hit a wall or another kart, seconds get added to the total time. 

Don’t worry though, you’ll be racing at a slower speed for this activity, we’re not hitting our top speeds of 45-55 mph for this, we’re not THAT crazy.

Problem-Solving Axe Throwing

Teams of 2-4 (up to 16 teams) work together to solve a problem, probably a riddle, with a math-based answer. Each team member will take turns throwing the axe to score points until you get the exact number of the answer, similar to darts. The team that completes it first with the correct answer wins! The teams work strategically as a unit while developing skills like quick thinking and creative problem-solving.

Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Floor with Gellyball Blasters aka Gellyball Volleyball

Remember that old game of keeping a balloon from touching the floor back in your childhood? It would entertain you and your friends for an hour or so. Well, we found a way to up the ante with Gellyball Blasters. 

It’s a strategic game that gets teams working together and communicating as a unit to score the most points against their competitors (who you can distract and blast with Gellyballs). Groups up to 5 battle one another to keep the balloon from touching their side of the field while blasting it into next week with Gellyballs. You wouldn’t think it, but it totally gets your team to efficiently communicate together to tackle a simple, but fun problem, with blasters. 

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