Being High caliber in the community

being the change we want to see

Yep, we made ourselves a verb (or is it more of an adjective?). We’re asking all of Lansing to step up and Be High Caliber in the Community.

We’re always looking for beneficial partnerships and sponsorships. We also host two different Appreciation Days throughout the year. Learn more about them both below. Looking to work with us? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

Appreciation Days

We love to give back to the community in both BIG and small ways. We have two HUGE initiatives that have become an annual occurrence. Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day and Heroes Day (formerly known as First Responder’s Day). This is a selected day where a certain professional can come out and get an All Access Pass for FREE all day and play. Our little way of saying thank you to these professionals who help shape our community every day.

Only caveat? Bring in your ID and show you work in said profession.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day – Teachers, education administration staff, professors, custodial staff, and everyone in between get to participate in a free day of play.  2024’s Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day will take place on Monday, May 6 12-10 pm.

Heroes Day (Previously known as First Responders Day) – Has grown over the years, and now includes more than just firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and 911 operators, it now includes all hospital staff (nurses too!), military/active members, veterans, and correctional officers.  2024’s Heroes Day will take place on Tuesday, July 9th, 12-10 PM.

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donation request

Want to work with us in the future or need a gift card donation for a silent auction? We help out all the time, you just need to ask! If you want to partner in a collaboration for an event or fundraiser, please fill out the below form.

Please allow 4-7 working days for a response, we’re pretty busy on most days! We swear we’re not just racing go-karts all day.

Donation Request
Please note that donation requests can take 2-4 working weeks to be confirmed and fulfilled.
(If asking for a gift card for an event & it is more than 2 months out from your formal request, you will be asked to resubmit your request closer to the date. We do not fulfill gift card donation requests further out than 2 months.)