Answers to all your most common (and most bizarre) questions. 

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    Reservations for same day play can be made by clicking here.

    There is no admission fee. You can choose what activities you want to experience and create your own unique visit. Commonly combined activities are available in packages for discounted pricing.

    Pricing for all our activities can be found here on our Pricing page.

    Current hours can be found here on our Hours page.

    • Participants under the age of 18 must have a signed liability waiver by their accompanying adult.
    • Axe throwing and rage rooms require the participate to be at least 13 years old.
    • Kart racing requires the participant to be at least 54” tall and 8 years old to race. Junior races are between the ages of 8 and 16 and operate at reduced speeds.
    • Combat Races require the participant to be at least 8 years old.
    • Junior races are not available after 8pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.
    • Ages 5 and up can participate in a mini go kart race once every hour, can now participate in a Gellyball Battle, dodgeball, arcade, pocket soccer, or throwbowling
    • Mini Go Karts are for racers age 5 and up with no weight or height restrictions. 
    • Mini Go-Kart races will no be available after 8 pm on Friday or Saturday nights.
    • Adults can join their child on the track if they can fit into a mini go-kart and fasten their seat belt. They are meant for children though. 
    • A regular size go-kart will never share the same track as a Mini Race. 
    • Min go kart races will happen once an hour, all day Sunday - Thursday. They are available until 6 PM on Fridays and Saturdays

    We accept all major credit cards as well as Apple pay. We are a cashless facility.

    Yes! There is a 10% discount for our veterans/military personnel. No ID required, just inform our staff. Karma will probably make you get hit by a car if you lied about this.

    Yes! Gift Cards can be purchased online or at our facility. Online gift cards are in preset values while gift cards at our facility can be made in any value.

    We value charitable contributions for our local community. If you have a request for charitable contributions, please fill out our form on the community page. We review requests weekly and respond to the requests we can fulfill.

    • UV Helmet Sanitizing Cabinet.
    • Capacity restrictions have been put in place to accommodate for social distancing.
    • We deep clean the facility at the end of each night.
    • Sanitization Stations and located throughout the facility.
    • Masks are required in compliance with current state law.
    • Social Distancing markers are maintained throughout the facility.
    • We do not accept cash to reduce common contact points.
    • We have installed a new filtration system for the HVAC system.
    • All high contact points are wiped down with disinfectant between uses.

    These are not your typical go karts. Our all electric grand prix style karts are designed for face ripping g forces and blazing acceleration speeds. Our staff will give you a rundown of how the race works. We will also help you in selecting a helmet and properly securing you in the kart. Races include 1 site lap to help you understand the track. The next 6 minutes will challenge your driving skills and give you dialogue to crap talk your friends for weeks.

    Races of all experience levels race together every day! We use a blue flag with an orange stripe to indicate a faster racer is approaching behind you. When the flag is waived and pointed at you, slow slightly and pull to the outside of the next corner to allow the faster racer to pass. Try to follow this racer to learn their race line to improve your own!

    Honestly, gas karts suck. Outside being covered in fumes and getting a migraine, they do not have nearly the same acceleration or consistency of our electric karts. Most gas karts for adults run a 270cc Honda that produces about 9hp. Our 11KW electric motors are the equivalent of 14.75hp and deliver their power INSTANTLY rather than waiting for the right RPM. Our karts are also belt driven making them quieter allowing you to focus on what your tires are saying rather than the engine.

    We offer leagues each week. Each racer goes through a practice session, qualifying session, and main heat. Both the qualifying and main heat are races are rolling starts by fastest single lap time. The final top 6 racers of the main heat will proceed to the championship race which is a grid start. The championship race is by position to determine the podium results.

    All minors must have an adult complete their liability waiver. Kids ages 8-16 will be placed in a junior race at reduced speeds. Juniors that wish to experience adult speeds can complete our racer training course to improve their skills and potentially level up to achieve access to adult racing speeds.  You must be at least 8 years old to experience a Combat Race. Junior races are not scheduled past 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays, while Mini Races are only available until 6 on Friday and Saturday.

    Kids 5-12 can participate in the following activities: Mini Go Karts, Throwbowling, Gellyball Blasters, Dodgeball, pocket soccer, and the arcade.


    Closed toes shoes are required. Heels and wedges are prohibited as they can jam in the pedals. We offer loaner high speed footwear (crocs) in case you forgot. We would discourage skirts or dresses while racing.

    Personal helmets are allowed if they are DOT approved and have sufficient eye protection.

    No drivers license is required. Juniors under the age of 16 will race in junior races at reduced speeds.

    • Riders must be at least 8 years old and 54" tall to race. 
    • Juniors between the ages of 8 and 15 race at reduced speeds.
    • Junior racers can complete a racer training certification to access adult racing speeds.
    • Mini Go Karts are available for kids 5 and up, at a reduced speed around the track. 

    A typical race experience lasts about 15 minutes. That gives covers the amount of time it takes to be briefed, select a helmet, get assigned your kart, get buckled in properly, taxi onto track, experience your site lap as well as race for 6 minutes. Depending on the track, you can experience between 14 and 28 laps.

    Our facility allows the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages from with in High Caliber, but has a strict “no intoxicated driving” rule that is strictly enforced. This means that an employee of High Caliber reserves the right to, at any point, deny a patron access to an activity or postpone participation until time or date based on behaviors of the guest. All High Caliber Employees also reserve the right to ask guests to leave if the patron is putting the health or safety of other guests or employees at risk.

    Go Pros can be helmet mounted. Mounts will be checked by the staff prior to the race. If they are found improperly secured, they will have to be removed before the race. We are not responsible if your mount fails during a race.

    • Green “Start of race. Make your MOMMA PROUD!”
    • Blue/Orange “There is a faster racer behind you. Please slow to the outside of the next corner to allow them to pass”
    • Yellow: “Caution on track”
    • White: “Final Lap”
    • Checkered “Race completed”

    No bumping will be tolerated on the track. The speed of our karts makes impacts extremely unsafe and is prohibited. Our track team is trained to help guide you on proper racing etiquette. If you are not adhering to their instructions, they have 100% autonomy to remove you from the race. Everyone on that track is trusting one another to complete the race uninjured. If you pose a hazard to that, we will take immediate action and you will be asked to leave the facility.

    When exiting the track there are screens just above the door that rank the racers position. You also will receive an email with details to your race including individual lap times and positional changes throughout the race.

    Our red track can run 10 racers at the same time. Our blue track can facilitate 6 at a time.

    Our red track has longer straights and wider sweeping corners. Our blue track is more strategic with multiple turns and differing race lines.

    Our karts are single seater karts only. We do now offer mini go karts for kids 5 and up to race in now.

    As of Mid April 2022, yes! We now offer handicapable go kart races where the guest is lifted into the go kart with a loading swing and can then operate the gas and brakes with pedals directly being the steering wheel. 

    We have tested this and if you are using your higher weight as an excuse, we have bad news for you… In independent tests, rider weights have little to no effect up to 300lb capacity. We found that the heavier the individual, the tighter the turning radius and more traction in cornering. For lighter individuals, acceleration out of the straights is more prominent. A difference of 90 lbs. for the same kart and same rider changed lap times by less than .01 second. Here is a great video where they confirmed similar results https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgQ2EsFheiA.

    Our red track is 1510 linear feet (Just over ¼ mile) while our Blue track is 987 linear feet. Occasionally we connect the two tracks together to make it nearly a half mile circuit called Megatrack!

    We offer a "Two for Tuesday" promotion, and our reservations website just isn't formatted in a manner that allows us to implement that pricing structure.  Tuesdays, you will not be able to reserve races.

    Fridays and Saturdays, we restrict the number of Junior Races we run.  After 5pm, we don't race juniors on the red track, and the blue track has devoted junior races at the top of every hour.

    Axe Throwing

    Participants must be At least 18 years old to throw axes or at least 13 years old accompanied by an adult.

    Our Axperts (we know, we are hilarious) will spend the time during your session to make sure you know how to show those bullseyes who is boss! Our rooms are staffed with professionals who are available to give you guidance whenever you feel you need it.

    Participants are welcome to bring their own axes. We will need to inspect the axe first. No double bladed, bearded, or metal handled axes will be allowed. If you intend to bring your own axe, please inform one of our registration staff so an Axpert can inspect it.

    It all depends on how you want to play. Our gamified axe throwing has software that tracks your score based on the different games you select.

    Alcohol is allowed inside the axe room as well as food and other beverages. There is a counter style table at each lane for you to set your things on. Our Axperts make sure that no participants are inebriated and have 100% autonomy to remove someone from the axe throwing room if they pose a safety hazard to themselves or other individuals.

    Yes! Axe throwing is one of High Caliber Karting & Entertainments accessible activities. 

    Rage Rooms

    Rage rooms have become a more common thing in the United States. Participants enter a room in the required safety gear with different types of smashable objects. There are different tools available for your session including, baseball bat, crowbar, sledgehammer, and mallet. Participants throw glass against designated walls to smash electronics on the table and floor to release tension.

    Rage rooms are safe. We provide the protective items to help keep you uninjured. There is a possibility for injury still. Potential injuries are directly related to how hard you go at the things you are smashing. Do not do anything you do not feel comfortable with.

    Participants must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old and accompanied by an adult.

    Closed toe shoes are a MUST. We will provide the head gear, pants, and jacket to help protect you during your session.

    Bar & Restaurant

    Participants to our karting and rage rooms have a strict 3 drink limit. Participants that appear inebriated during briefing or while participating will be asked to take a breathalyzer. Failure will result in rescheduling of your activity for another day. Refusal to take the breathalyzer will results in immediate dismissal from the activity and no refund given. Once a fourth drink is purchased, the participant is temporarily banned from racing or the rage room for the night.

    Our Bistro serves individuals as well as large groups. Our menu can be found here: Bar & Bistro Menu

    Our Bistro offers gluten free options such as wings, Gluten Free Pizza (Cauliflower Crust), tater tots, and chicken breast.

    Combat Racing

    Participants to a Combat Race must be at least 13 years old and At least 54” tall.

    Our Infinity Combat System™ is like a real-life Mario Kart! As participants race the track, they gain weapons, powerups, and shields. All the information is displayed on a see-through windshield in front of the racer. As the racers attacks the track for the fastest lap times, they can shoot other players which slows their karts. Shields are used to add boosts of speed and prevent being shot during the event.

    6 racers can run a Combat Race at a time. 

    Parties & Events

    Our events team is trained to customize an event to satisfy your specific needs. You can complete an event request form by clicking here, and a member of our events team will contact you to set everything up.

    Our events team is available Monday-Friday from 9am until 6pm.

    Our Bistro serves groups of up to 250. Prior to your event, our event specialists will contact you regarding catering options for your event. We cannot guarantee your entire event will receive their food at the same time without a catering order.

    We offer a gluten friendly menu with cauliflower crust pizza, tater tots, and chicken breasts. If you have any food allergies, please let the catering staff know before your event.

    A wide selection of menu items and a full bar are available for your event. Our kitchen can serve up to 250 people. Parties exceeding this guest-count will be allowed to have their event catered by any of our pre-approved caterers. Please see our event coordinator for a list of approved caterers. All events with an outside caterer will be subject to a minimum fee of $100 not to exceed $500. No outside food or beverage is allowed unless written permission has been given.

    With the wide range of events we host, we must be strict on the decorations we allow. All decorations must be pre-approved by the event coordinator. Absolutely no glitter, confetti, rice, flower pedals, bubbles, or other similar decorations that will pose hazards or issues with cleaning up. All candles must be tea-lite, enclosed candles. We do not want to discourage use of birthday candles but due to fire suppression and safety standards, all candles will require prior approval before use. Decorations must be removed before the conclusion of the event

    Our events team is trained to make the mot out of every event. We have found that “packages” often restrict people from doing exactly what they want. Our events team will custom create your event to provide the easiest and most fun event you have ever experienced. You are here to have fun, not to play “mom” for everyone. Your event host will oversee the entire event from start to finish.

    Groups of 8 or more are eligible for the customer event experience.

    No food can be brought into the event without prior approval from your event specialist.

    Often, we are completely booked for hours. Imagine showing up with your group and not being able to get in. Our event team prebooks the activities and builds a schedule of events so that you get the most out of your time. We focus on making sure you get to spend time together connecting rather than chasing everyone down and trying to get everyone together. Turn your headaches over to us, we know how to be the most efficient with all the offerings and provide the best experience. Leave the work in the trusted hands of our events team and reap the awards of hosting the best event ever!

    Handicapable Inclusions

    We've recently debuted our hand operated Handicapable system at High Caliber Karting. This special go kart still races just as fast as the others, but places the gas and brake pedals behind the steering wheel instead of the front of the cart. So come on out and have some fun here at the Meridian Mall with us in Eastern Lansing area, Michigan. 

    Wheelchair users will find that our Axe Throwing lanes, Throwbowling lanes, and many of our bar and bistro tables are ADA compliant. Some come on out and enjoy some fun with your friends and family at the best indoor action park in Michigan!