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    All Access Day Pass (Sun-Fri)

    All day, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday you can get ALL THE ACTIVITIES for a SINGLE price.

    The All Access Day Pass only includes 3 go-kart races. But Axe Throwing, Throwbowling, and Pocket Soccer, are all unlimited. It’s literally, All Access, All the Time. 

    Access to the Rage Rooms and the Battle Field are there too! Just additional charges for smashables and extra ammo hoppers.

    Ages Price
    Adult Pass (16+) $75
    Junior Pass (13-15 years) $75
    Kids Pass (8-12 years) $60
    Mini Pass (5-7 years) $60

    Kid and Mini Passes only include age-appropriate activities, of Go-Kart Races,  Throwbowling, and Pocket Soccer, and access to the Battle Field

    *Guests can only schedule 3 activities at a time. Must complete at least a single activity before scheduling another. 

    **All Access Day Pass includes ALL High Caliber activities for a single price, additional add-ons are priced individually for a crate of smashables in the Rage Room and additional Ammo Hoppers in Gellyball Blaster Battles.

    ***Unlimited activities included are Axe Throwing, Archery Tag, Dodgeball, Throwbowling, & Pocket Soccer

    ****Access is given to the Rage Room and Gellyball Blaster Battles with the additional purchase of smashables or ammo hoppers. 

    ****The Arcade games are not included in the All Access Day Pass, guests must purchase an Arcade Game Card separately. 

    Daily Deals

    Different packages for (nearly) every day of the week!

    Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned vet looking for a deal at your favorite Lansing Family Entertainment Center, we’ve got a Daily Deal for ya!

    Day of Deal Package Price Savings!
    Monday All Access w/ Unlimited Racing $75 Can you put a price on unlimited everything?
    Tuesday Rage & Axe Throwing for 2 Guests w/ Free TV $90 $35 Discount
    Wednesday Unlimited Racing $60 Depends on how much ya racing
    Thursday 2 All Access Passes & Lg Pizza* $150 $20 Discount
    Sunday Single Race for 3 Gusts & Large Pizza** $75 $20 Discount
    Sundayx2 1 Hour Arcade Play*** $25 New Offering!

    *Single Large Topping Pizza. Topping of choice must provide the receipt to the Bar. 

    **Large Pizza is with one topping, additional races can be purchased per guest for $20. 

    ***Restrictions on certain arcade games, redemption is not available. Only available in person.

    Our Top 3 Packages (Every Day)

    All day, any day of the week, including Friday & Saturday enjoy our top 3 activities at High Caliber. Our Top 3 Package includes a single go-kart race, and unlimited axe throwing & throwbowling. Ages 13 and up only because of Axe Throwing.

    Ages Price
    Adult Top 3 (16+) $60
    Junior Top 3 (13-15 years) $60

    Available Only In Person (Blame Casey, not Marketing 😘)

    Kart Racing

    Races are acquired through the purchase of Race Credits, and they never expire! Credits purchased through the packages below are assigned to a single racer’s profile and cannot be split between multiple accounts.:

    Races Price
    Adult Race (16+) $25
    2 Adult Races (16+) $48
    Junior Race (8-15 years) $25
    2 Junior Race (8-15 years) $48
    Mini Go Kart Race (5 and up) $15
    Adult Combat Race (16+) $30
    Junior Combat Race (8-15 years) $30

    * Drivers must be a minimum of 8 years old and at least 54″ tall to race a regular go kart.

    ** Optional: BYO DOT-certified, full-face helmet with full shield or eye protection.

    *** Close toe shoes required.

    Rage Room

    15 Min Session Price
    1 Person Session $40
    2 Person Session $50
    3 Person Session $60
    4 Person Session $70
    Additional Shatterables $2-$50

    * This 15 minute session is for one participant and it includes a variety of glass shatterables. Additional people and crates of shatterables can be added as noted above, including extra electronics to smash.

    ** Maximum of 4 total participants allowed per session.

    *** Participants must be at least 13 years old.

    **** Close toe shoes required.

    The Battle Field

    6 Min Session Price
    Archery Tag (8+ Years) $12 per person
    Gellyball Blaster Battle (8+ years) $12 per person
    Additional Gellyball Hopper $5
    Dodgeball (8+ years) $12 per person

    *Max of 3 extras per person, no refund for unused ammo, so use them up!

    **Players must be at least 8 years old.

    *** Can play 1v1 or a team of up to 5v5.

    "Unlimited" Activities

    Activity Price
    Axe Throwing (13+ Years) $25 per person
    Throwbowling (8+ Years) $15 per person
    Pocket Soccer (All Ages) $5 per person

    *All activities are “unlimited” in that you may play the activity all day, open to close. If someone “calls” your lane or activity though, you must finish your session and get back into rotation and call another lane.