Combat Karting

Ever been stuck behind a fellow racer and wished you could blast their kart out of your way? Say hello to Combat Karting, the world’s only live, first-person shooter go-karting experience. Dreams do come true.

Watch our teaser video below!


Experience the ultimate thrill of high-speed racing and adrenaline-pumping racing with Combat Karting – it’s like real-life Mario Kart!

Zoom around the track at incredible speeds while engaging in exhilarating battles with your opponents.

With the cutting-edge see-through heads-up display windscreen, you can strategize your way to victory without missing a beat.

Get ready for an action-packed gaming experience on High Caliber’s indoor kart track and unleash your inner modern-day Mario. You won’t regret it 🍄.

Your favorite Battle Racing video Game just came to Real life.

combat karting smoke machine high caliber

Gear up with futuristic SCI-FI weapons, power-ups, shields, and boosts to outmaneuver your friends on the track. Say goodbye to that one friend who always seems to be faster than you – now you can finally catch up! With pinpoint accuracy, you’ll leave them in the dust.

Engage in thrilling races as you blast your competition, causing their karts to slow down from “damage” and giving you the perfect opportunity to zip past them.

Be among the first in the world to dive into the exhilarating experience of Combat Karting. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the action-packed fun!

Bragging is highly encouraged. You should probably add it to your resume.

Combat Race Pricing

Races are acquired through the purchase of Race Credits, and they never expire! Credits purchased through the below packages are assigned to a single racer’s profile and cannot be split between multiple accounts.

Combat Kart Races Price
Adult Race $30
Junior Race $30
All Access Day Pass $75

*Junior races are at 15 MPH and are for ages 8-15

**Must be 54″ or taller

*** Optional: BYO DOT-certified, full-face helmet with full shield or eye protection.

****Close toe shoes required.

Karting Tips & Safety

  • Closed-toe shoes. Gotta keep your toe-jam from flying off and hitting the kart behind you.
  • These karts are not bumper cars. Damage the kart and it is likely to damage you.
  • There is no hard weight limit, but if you are a titan of a person, we will gladly let you sit in a kart to test how it feels.
  • Racers under the age of 16 will race at reduced speeds for their safety.
    Racer training courses are available by appointment to level up their speeds if they pass the course.
  • Intoxicated racing will not be tolerated at High Caliber Karting & Entertainment. We have two bars and want everyone to have a great time, but any High Caliber employee reserves the right to deny access to race on the track or postpone your race for another time or day if intoxication is suspected.

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