end of summer arcade special

Was that first week of school rough on you as it was on us? We’re giving a BIG welcome back to all local students–especially those MSU kids coming back in town with a super duper special ARCADE SPECIAL! 

Every $25 spent inside of High Caliber from now until AUGUST 31ST will gain you FREE ARCADE PLAY CARDS. They vary in dollar amount, and you can score anywhere from $1 to $200 of free arcade game play. We do have a few stipulations though…



ANY purchase you make inside the walls of High Caliber is gonna give you free Arcade Play Cards for every $25 you spend. That means purchasing activities (like go-karting or axe throwing), food or beverages (beer and cocktails too!), extra smashables at the Rage Room, or packages (like Our Top 3 or All Access Passes) will get you arcade time! 

ACTIVITY based purchases will get you TWO FREE Arcade Play cards for every $25 spent. 

FOOD & BEVERAGE based purchases will get you THREE FREE Arcade Play cards for every $25 spent.

Redemption will not be available with these cards. So no big prizes are walking out the door with this gameplay, but you can definitely work on your technique or just have a lot of good old-fashioned fun playing arcade games for free with $25 purchases. Claw games ARE available to play and win though!

When you spend more, YES you GET MORE! If you purchase an All Access Pass for $75 you’re gonna get SIX arcade play cards. Literally, every $25 you spend on activities will get you two arcade cards of varying dollar amounts. Spend $50 at the bar, and those amazing bartenders are gonna give you SIX arcade play cards. 

These cards can ONLY be available to play until close on August 31st. They will expire on September 1st. 

Online activities purchased must also be scheduled between now and August 31st, and yes, this deal is good for in person and online. If you purchase online, you just need to show your order at the front desk when you come to visit. 

The card amount given will depend on your spend BEFORE taxes or tips. If you spend $48.99 at the bar before tax and tips but spend a total of $52 after the check is closed, that will still only get you 3 cards, not 6. 

Air hockey and old school arcade games

book you high caliber time now

Woof, that was a lot of details. Maybe you didn’t even read them all, but we as marketing need to cover all the fine print somewhere for all you adrenaline-filled fans. So what are you waiting for! Go grab your All Access Pass and get ready for a HECK of a lot of fun for the end of August! Don’t forget Friday is UNLIMITED RACING with an All Access Pass and if you’re a fan of games, you should def try out the hybrid gamified go-karting that is Combat Karting. You’d be a big fan of it. 

ski ball and throwing games at the arcade