Exciting Ideas for Date Night in Lansing

We’ve all been there. You make plans with your partner to go out on a date, and then you start trying to figure out what you should actually go do… and you’re stumped. Another dinner and a movie? Boring! Why not spice things up and try something a little more fun and adventurous? Fortunately for you, we’ve got plenty of fun, alternative date ideas and activities that will help you mix things up on your next night out.

For the Couple That’s Competitive

If you’re anything like us, you probably love a good healthy competition. At High Caliber Karting and Entertainment, we have a whole host of outrageously fun games and activities you can compete in with, or against, your partner. Here are some of our favorite activities that will give at least one of you the ultimate date night bragging rights.

best Go Kart Racing in lansing at high caliber karting

There are few things more competitive than a race. After all, there can only be one winner. But no one wants to go running on a date, so try racing a blazing fast go kart instead. With two different tracks to choose from, you can put your racing skills to the test as you drive one of our high-speed, fully electric go karts. You and your partner’s adrenaline will be pumping as you navigate the twists and turns on either track. And ya know, that rush of adrenaline is similar to the feeling of falling in love, so I mean, we’re practically setting you up for success. On special occasions, we actually connect both tracks together to create the MEGA TRACK. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Exciting Ideas for Date Night in Lansing - Combat Karting

So you want to up the ante a little, eh? Add a whole new level to high-speed go kart racing, and try Combat Karting! Your favorite battle racing game from your childhood just came to life, right here in East Lansing. That’s right, this a MarioKart-style battle royale where you can gain weapons and powerups, shields for protections, and other boosts to wreak havoc on your fellow racers. Your significant other might have been faster during the regular race, but now you can level the playing field! They can run, but they can’t hide from your sharp shooting accuracy.

Exciting Ideas for Date Night in Lansing - Axe Throwing

Who’s got the better aim? Talk is cheap, and now you can prove it. Select the axe of your choice and see which one of you will be designated to take down unsuspecting trees and chop the wood during the inevitable apocalypse. This isn’t your dad’s axe throwing either- this is Gamified Axe Throwing. What does gamified mean? It means rather than having you throw axes at a lame piece of plywood with a target painted on it, we actually project a variety of games and targets onto the long ends of 6’ x 6’ wood beams that are stacked sky high. This means your axe will stick better. It also means you can play tic-tac-toe, connect-4, or hunt zombies, if a regular target begins to feel too boring.

Exciting Date Nigh Ideas in Lansing - Live Music

For the Couple That Loves Seeing Music

Seeing live music is one of the best ways to spend a date in our not-so-humble opinion. The energy of the crowd, the pounding of drums and bass, the feeling of the music in the air all creates a great atmosphere for a fun date night. In fact, dare we say that concerts and shows have been the site of where many couples have met, and maybe even fallen in love. And if you find your date isn’t going so well, live music can be just the thing needed to break up that tension and loosen everyone up!

So whether you want to rock out and head bang, find a nice chill groove, or boogie down and get funky, check out the Double Clutch Lounge– Lansing’s newest live music venue. With a variety of local and regional acts always coming through the door, there’s something for everyone. Check out the upcoming live music schedule here. You might just accidentally discover your new favorite band. You’re welcome.

Exciting Ideas for Date Night in Lansing - Rage Rooms

For Couples Who Like to Rage

Whether the kids have been acting up, or it’s been a tough week at work, sometimes we all need to release some frustration. Rage Rooms are the perfect place for you and your partner to relieve stress in a safe and healthy way. Now you might be thinking “what exactly is a rage room”? Simply put, a rage room is a controlled area where you can do exactly what it sounds like- let out your inner rage!

Choose your own rage music during your session to make the experience truly one-of-a-kind for you and your partner. High Caliber has an assortment of breakables like glass bottles, jars, plateware, TVs, and other electronics for you to smash away. We provide protective gear so that your rage session is totally safe as well. You and your date can have some fun while also relieving stress, and it’s sure to get your hearts pumping as well. Bring some healthy physicality to your date night and try your hand at rage therapy, inside the Rage Rooms at High Caliber.

Exciting Ideas for Date Night in Lansing - Arcade Games

For the Gamer Couple

Round up your quarters and get ready to kick it old school inside the High Caliber Arcade. From Pac-Man and Space Invaders to traditional air hockey, we’ve got all the classic arcade games that will fulfill your inner child and nostalgic needs. But we’re not stuck in the past either, we’ve got the latest, hottest new games, as well as some more contemporary classics like Golden Tee, Deer Hunter and more. Get the best of both worlds and satisfy your inner gamer.

Oh, and there’s prizes too! Make your date feel like the luckiest person in the world by winning them that ridiculously giant stuffed teddy bear that you will most likely be forced to carry around for the rest of the night. (How nice of you). And someone told us that if you win a trillion tickets, you actually get sworn into the Office of the President as well, so start working on your hand eye coordination.

It’s time to break out from the ordinary, and plan your next date night at High Caliber. From racing and games to live music and more, High Caliber has everything you need to make your next date night something fun and different (and hopefully memorable).