Let’s end the holiday season with some SPEED! We’re offering one lucky winner UNLIMITED RACING FOR THE ENTIRETY OF 2024! Well technically it’ll be February 2024-February 2025 because the giveaway entry time won’t end until the end of January. Learn how you can score a year of FREE go-kart racing at High Caliber Karting & Entertainment below!

How TO Win

best place to go kart

Ready to learn how to score go-karting for a full year at High Caliber the best place to hang out for adults AND kids with the fastest go-karts in Lansing? We’re giving you THREE WAYS to enter this year.

1.) Purchase a $50 or $100 E Gift Card on our High Caliber website!

2.) Purchase a $50 or $100 gift card in person with one of our wonderful front desk staff! — You’re waiver will be added to the purchase so we can track you in the back end of the giveaway!

3.) Participate in our no-purchase-necessary survey where you tell us more about High Caliber. This option is available below!

There’s also something super duper cool if you decide to purchase in person. No additional points will be awarded BUT we are going to also reward the experience creator (read employee) a super duper gift from us to them too! Spread some holiday cheer right on back to our staff who are delivering the best time ever to you. You could help them win a Kia! Lol just kidding. We’re not offering a car, that would be crazy. 

Multiple Entries to Win

Want to get multiple entries to win that sweet, sweet prize though? OF COURSE YOU DO! If you purchase multiple quantities of the gift cards you’re going to be entered in multiple times! Buy 5 $50 gift cards get entered 5 times. Buy 5 $100 gift cards and get entered 15 times! Yes, the $100 gift cards will TRIPPLE  your entries

So what are you waiting for? Go purchase some High Caliber Karting & Entertainment gift cards, and give the gift of an experience this year to your loved ones, and maybe win UNLIMITED RACING for a year for yourself. It’s a win-win. 

SO, giveaway entries will take place from December 08, 2023 – January 31, 2024 holiday season. Winner will be announced and picked at the beginning of February 2024!

Looking for a FREE way to enter our Go Karting Racing for a Year giveaway? Look no further, you can gain entry (additional or otherwise) with our High Caliber Survey! No Purchase Necessary to Participate Option