YO! We all know that there are two things that everyone loves in this world… Go Karts and Free Things. YOU can have both this Holiday Season with a combination of both! How do I get the Free year of GO karting, is a question that you, the reader may be asking. Well it’s pretty simple….

How TO Win

All you have to do is purchase a $50 E Gift Card on our High Caliber website! After that you’re card number and E-Mail will be entered in our super high tech raffle (pictured below). If you are the lucky patron you could get a free year of Go Karting without having to leave your home! Here’s the best part, you can enter to win this raffle AS MANY times as you possibly can! It’s so easy! Buy 5,000,000 $50 Gift Cards and be entered 100,000 times if you really want to, but at that point it might be cheaper to just buy the races yourself lol.

SO, Raffle entries will take place over the 2022 / 23 holiday season. All you have to do to enter is purchase a $50 E – gift card in the months of December 2022 and January 2023 , Enter in your E-Mail address, and of course you also have to be on the nice list. 

Here’s the link to enter in to win!