8 Fun Things To Do in Lansing MI for Adults!

Looking for fun things to do in Lansing MI for adults? Well then look no further, as we’ve rounded up some of the most fun activities you can find in the East Lansing area. So get ready to #CancelBoredom  and feel like a kid again with these fun activities for adults, the majority of which can all happen at High Caliber Karting & Entertainment.

Go Kart Racing at high caliber

best Go Kart Racing in lansing at high caliber karting

Do you like to go fast? Like real, real fast? Perhaps you’re a bit competitive as well? Well then get ready to feed your need for speed with adrenaline pumping, high-speed go kart racing at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment. With a choice of two different indoor tracks, you can put your skills to the test and fight for top bragging rights amongst your crew.

These all-electric high-speed go karts can reach speeds of up to 50mph on both tracks, so make sure your toupee is on tight or it might get left floating in the air behind you, cartoon style. There are even competitive racing leagues for the truly elite drivers to square off against each other. So take a break from the hot sun, and try indoor high-speed kart racing at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment.

Gamified Axe Throwing

axe thorwing at high caliber karting and entertainment

Axe Throwing has become a very popular activity for adults looking to have some fun and blow off some steam. But throwing axes at a plain bullseye painted on a piece of wood is sooo 2019. The future is now, and High Caliber welcomes you!

This isn’t your Grandmother’s axe throwing, this is Gamified Axe Throwing. You’ll still be throwing axes at pieces of real wood, but that’s where the similarities end. Rather than painting a target on a piece of wood like primitives, High Caliber Karting and Entertainment uses modern technology to project targets and graphics onto the end grain of stacked, 6″ x 6″ lumber. This means your Axe will stick better, it means there are fewer wood chips, and yes, it means they can project games onto the wood too! Not to mention, High Caliber has brought back GLOW AXE! Where ever Friday night from 6 to close you can throw axes under black lights for an extra level of fun!

Play Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect4, hunt some zombies, or choose a classic target to practice your accuracy. Purchase an unlimited ticket and you can throw all day long. Well, at least until they close for the night.

The #1 Rage Room in Michigan

Exciting Ideas for Date Night in Lansing - Rage Rooms

Do you sometimes experience bouts of uncontrollable rage (that you manage to keep under control)? Perhaps from time to time you find yourself in need of a positive way to channel your anger and blow off some steam? Maybe the kids have been testing your limits, or your boss has been extra hard on you this week? Whatever the reason you are in luck, because High Caliber Karting and Entertainment has an all-natural, safe, effective, and most importantly, FUN solution for you! Enter the Rage Room.

Get ready to let all those emotions out in a safe and positive manner- by smashing things to pieces! From glass bottles and plate ware to flat screens, decommissioned printers, and electronics, High Caliber will provide you with an array of items to take vengeance on. Choose your own rage music, select the “tools” you want to use, and smash your heart away!

Archery Tag

Fun Things to do in Lansing MI for adults - Archery Tag

Have you ever wanted to hunt people down like prey and shoot them— but not in a “bloodlust-y” kind of way, and more of a sportsman-like way? Well then you would probably love trying archery tag inside The Battlefield at High Caliber. You’re probably wondering what exactly Archery Tag is? Well it’s sort of like dodgeball, except instead of balls, you’ll use a bow and arrow to take our your enemies. Test your skills on offense and defense. There are barricades to take cover behind, but move quickly and do your best to return fire against your opponents before they hit you first.

Gellyball Blasters

Fun Things to do in Lansing MI for adults - Gellyball Blaster Wars

Does a bow and arrow feel a bit too old school for you? Maybe too Hunger Games? Fear not, for we have another type of weapon you can charge into battle with. Step onto the The Battlefield and load up your ‘blaster’ with Gellyballs! What are gellyballs you ask? They’re small biodegradable capsules that give you the thrill of a live action shooter battle, without the pain of something like real paint balls. Round up your family and friends and get yourselves pumped to shoot one another and let all that pent up, passive aggressive behavior loose on the battlefield.


karaoke for all ages and trivia for all ages at high caliber

Looking for some fun that costs little to nothing? Then look no further than FREEBIE EVENTS hosted inside Double Clutch Lounge at High Caliber. Every Thursday is Trivia Night at High Caliber Karting, where you get the best bespoke trivia around Lansing. It is curated weekly to be new themes, but you can catch a regular General Knowledge trivia on the first Thursday of every month. 

Every Friday you can steal the biggest karaoke stage in Lansing at High Caliber. We offer Karaoke from 7-11 PM every Friday night, and have the best set up in all of Michigan in our opinion. multiple mics for large groups to sing and a projection screen behind the stage so you can sing along to all the best tunes. It’s the most interactive karaoke experience you can find in Lansing, probably all of Michigan if you ask our humble opinion.

Both Trivia and Karaoke are FREE things to do in Lansing at High Caliber. There is no age restriction either, since we’re a family entertainment center, all ages can take part in Karaoke and Trivia! 

Best of all? All the other activities at High Caliber are just around the corner. So whether you’re stopping in to catch your breath and cool down, or staying to rock the night away, the Double Clutch has you covered.

Arcade Games

best arcade in lansing michigan

From pac-man and asteroid to top golf and air hockey, grab your best high-tops and embrace your inner 80s & 90s child at East Lansing’s favorite arcade. With dozens of activities to choose from, including single and multiplayer games, the fun in the arcade is endless. And best of all, there’s also prizes! Be the hero to your sweetheart by winning that giant stuffed bear that you will undoubtedly be carrying home later. High Caliber recently expanded their arcade as well too, for double the fun and redemption! Read about some of the newer games over here

Try Your Hand at Throwbowling

Fun Things to do in Lansing MI for adults - Throwbowling

What is Throwbowling you ask? Great question. Imagine that you were bowling, but instead of heaving a heavy ball into the gutter every time, you get to throw a football to knock down your pins instead. That pretty much sums up Throwbowling, one of the many fun activities for adults at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment.

Just line up across from your opponent, set up your pins on the custom platforms (each one features unique art from local artists) and start throwing! You can get an unlimited pass and ThrowBowl for as long as you want.

Mid-Michigan’s best adult amusement facility is High Caliber!

There you have it, 8 totally awesome and fun things for adults to do in Lansing, MI. Who said this town was sleepy and boring? So next time you’re sitting around thinking there’s nothing to do, check yourself and think again! Head down to High Caliber Karting and Entertainment and #CancelBoredom.