High Caliber in The Community

Edition 1 – Volume 2 

Getting to hang out with you all this past summer has been an absolute blast. We’ve seen some of your lovely faces at events like Monster Truck throwdown, the Lansing Center Comicon event, and so much more. That so much more, is the reason that we decided to make another blog entry. 

Here’s a couple more activities for the months of July and August that are coming up, where you can come and visit us at! And when you find us, be sure you score one of our awesome Buy One Get One coupons (aka BOGO). We’ve got them for racing or an axe throwing session, so they are kinda super cool.

Check out our Event Calendar for some more “secret” events.

Ele's Race

Ele's Race Lansing MichiganThe annual 5k run/walk Ele’s race is taking place in Lansing Michigan, Saturday, July, 23rd. High Caliber Karting and Entertainment will be there supporting the centers 2022 race. Ele’s Race is a walk/run donateathon and helps grieving children and teens at Ele’s Place. We will be at the finish line of the race and have sponsored the 2022 walk/run. This is for such a great cause and would love to see your smiling faces out there helping out. You can donate to Ele’s Place here – and we will see you there on Saturday!

Art Feast

Art Feast in lansing michiganWho doesn’t like art looking at art? On top of that who doesn’t like eating delicious food? The Old Town district of Lansing will be holding the Old Town ArtFeast! – August 20th, 2022 from 10 AM – 5 PM.  This one-day festival is a great destination for local artists as well as local restaurants. High Caliber Karting can’t wait for this year’s ArtFeast!


The Double Clutch Lounge is 4 months deep into being the greatest Live Music venue, outside of Madison square garden, in the UNIVERSE!! Now, you may be asking, what does this have to do with the community? Well, you can’t have a concert music venue without music! Let us tell you, these local Lansing and Great lakes area bands, have been crushing it on our stage. We’ve had bands like Double Wide Ride, Black Note Graffiti, The Corzo Effect, and so so many more. We’re only getting started and can’t wait to get more local Lansing bands on stage!

Emergency public servant appreciation day

We jokingly say the words,  safety second, however, those words couldn’t be more untrue in our facility. We have hired many firefighters and paramedics on our team, not as paramedics but as experience creators. It’s hard to do the right thing all the time and it’s even harder to be nice 24/7.  That’s why we want to show our appreciation for all those that help people on a daily basis. We will be showing our appreciation by giving our Emergency public servant friends a free All Access pass and discount to friends and family members on Sept 20th. More details will come shortly, so be on the lookout and be sure to tell your favorite firefighter, EMT, or police officer about it!

Meridian Motor Fest

Meridian MotorfestThis is our favorite annual event that we put on. The biggest car show in Michigan is coming back for more on September, 4th 2022. The Meridian Motorfest is the best show in the area, having 6 great contests planned and more possibly coming out the tailpipe. With Monster Truck rides, the coolest cars in Michigan, and so many more events planned, it’s easy to see why the Meridian Motorfest is our favorite event of the year. We will be releasing more details as the event gets closer and closer, but trust us when we say that you CAN’T miss this one!