April 19, 2022, East Lansing, MI – Indoor amusement park, High Caliber Karting & Entertainment is pumped to announce the arrival of ‘Handicapable,’ the venue’s ability to provide accessibility to wheelchair user guests with a kick ass go kart race experience. After a year’s worth of testing and fine tuning the process, locals of the East Lansing area and touring visitors who use a wheelchair can now experience driving again with a unique, hand operated steering wheel system.

The Handicapable operating system removes the need of using regular brakes and gas pedals by placing the operating mechanics directly behind the steering wheel of the go kart. After High Caliber’s guests are seated into the specialized go kart by a lifting sling, legs are strapped in for safety and then they can take off at the high racing speed of 55 mph on either of the two high speed tracks offered at High Caliber Karting & Entertainment.. Providing many people the ability to drive for the first time since being in a wheelchair and have loads of fun with their friends in an activity they can all enjoy. 

Handicapable go kart racing at high caliber karting and entertainment

High Caliber prides itself on fun AND inclusion, so when the owner and operator, Jordan Munsters, was in a serious car accident he saw a harsh gap for go kart racing inclusion in his own company. After two major back surgeries and facing the possibility of never walking again, Munsters came to race go karts at his own establishment and realized he could no longer participate in an activity he loved with his friends and employees due to the wheelchair restriction. He knew that the go kart community had to have an answer for making go kart races more accessible and found a way to implement the change to High Caliber’s karts.

“We’re all about creating great memories and building fun moments for our community and guests at High Caliber Karting. So when I realized we were excluding the handicapable in Michigan, we began a plan to remedy it immediately. And that’s why we’ve implemented the Handicapable system here. We opened up a go kart track to have fun and get people to race! That’s why we built this, so that everybody can have fun and race. ADA Compliance is bullshit, if you really want to include everyone, it takes more than minimum standards.”

Jordan Munsters

Handicapable at High Caliber is now available at its Meridian Mall location. To join in the fun and bring joy to you or your handicapable friend or family member, visit High Caliber at 1982 W Grand River Ave #800, Okemos, Michigan, 48864, call ahead at 517-721-1790 or arrive early enough to book some track time and catch some speed. If you have further questions about Handicapable or High Caliber please reach out to contactus@highcaliberkarting.com.

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