High Caliber Karting in the Community

Edition 1 – Volume 1

HIgh Caliber Karting Founders

We’ve already hosted and been to a couple of events so far this year, and you guys have been such a blast to be around. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch us at the East Lansing Art Festival, or the Bad Brewing Company block party, you already know that we’ve been handing out BOGO Axe Throwing and Go Kart coupons to some of you who recognized us! 

So far we have planned at least one community event meetup a week, so check out our Event Calendar and try to spot us! 

Saturday, June 11- Monster Truck Throwdown

Come party with us and wash big cars smash stuff at the Monster Truck Throwdown race in Springport Michigan. We’ll have some Throwbowling, Gellyball Blasters, and our smiling faces there along with some of those awesome free races and axe throwing coupons we were just talking about.

Saturday June 18 – Capital City Car show

This company was built off the energy of the Racing community and supported by the Car people everywhere. Some of you have been to our Cars and Coffee events before, and we are certain that you’ve been to the Meridian Motorfest. We also are hosting this year’s Capital City Car Show in our lot, which is absolutely amazing because some of you guys have some awesome cars that we can’t wait to see.

Thursday, June 23 – Q106 Food Drive 

We’re all about philanthropy on June 23rd! You can come visit us at our location and donate to our partnered Food Drive with radio station Q106. We’ll have a DJ in house until 6 pm who will play anything you request with a 5 dollar donation. OR you can donate a flat of non perishable foods OR a $50 cash donation to earn yourself a free Go-Kart race, regular or Combat Karting. Who doesn’t want to do good for the community and have a fun time?!

So if you are out and happen to see us, don’t be afraid to ask for FREE sh*t , or yanno, be afraid and don’t have a good time;). We will see you later around Mid-Michigan’s events!

calendar of events

Check out what bands play when and what else we have to offer.