Lansing's Ultimate Fun Headqurters

High Caliber Karting & Entertainment Takes the Trophy!

Looking for the ultimate fun thing to do in Lansing, MI? Well buckle up because you found it at High Caliber Karting & Entertainment! 🏎️🎯🎳

If you’re looking for things to do in Lansing or the surrounding area, look no further, because High Caliber has fun that lasts ALL DAY.

best go kart experience in lansing

Go Kart Racing: Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon!

At High Caliber, we’re not just talking about your grandma’s Sunday drive. No, no! We’re talking about Go Kart Racing that’ll make your heart race faster than a squirrel on espresso. Strap on your helmet, rev up those engines and feel the wind in your hair as you conquer the twists and turns of our epic racetrack. (You won’t really feel the wind in your hair though, our go-karts are so fast you have to wear a helmet, so maybe like feel the air through your knuckle hairs?) 

These European electric go-karts are the fastest and best maintained in the whole state of Michigan. We promise to deliver a High Caliber karting experience, because ya know, it’s kinda in our name. 

We offer racing for ALL ages too, those adult speeds are available for those 16+, we have junior speeds for those 8-12, just a smidge slower, keeping it nice and safe yet fun and thrilling for the younger racers. And lastly, we also have MINI GO KARTS for those 5-7 that run in our slowest and safest speed giving kids their first-ever driving experience! Adults can race with their kids in the mini-karts if they fit too, but boy let me tell you those bucket seats are SMALL. 

combat karting is like real life mario kart go kart race

Combat Karting: an elevated racing expereince

Think you’ve mastered regular Go Kart Racing? Well, hold onto your helmets because Combat Karting takes it up a notch! Battle it out with your friends, as you score power-ups, shields, and weapons to blast your way to victory. It’s like real-life Mario Kart, but with a side of adrenaline!

High Caliber is the ONLY place in Michigan that offers this gamified go-kart experience and is available for guests 8 and up to race in. So you’re welcome Lansing, you get to be the first to experience this fun thing to do.

Axe Throwing: Lumberjack Chic, Anyone?

Ever dreamt of being a lumberjack? Well, now’s your chance! Grab an axe, channel your inner Viking, and let those bullseyes fly. Axe Throwing at High Caliber is not just a game; it’s a therapy session for the modern lumberjack or lumberjill.

With 16 lanes of axe throwing and multiple games available to play, like tic tac toe, battlefield, zombie hunt, and classic, you won’t tire from the options available to play during your UNLIMITED axe throwing. 

High Caliber also offers GLOW AXE THROWING now too, every Friday Night 6 PM to close, get your fun on under the black light. 

Oh, also not to mention, but also low key mention, High Caliber was voted BEST AXE THROWING in Lansing during City Pulses’ Top of the Town in 2023. Not to tip our hats about it or anything. 

Gelly Ball Blaster Battles: Soft Ammo, Hard Fun!

Who said paintball was the only way to have a blast? Gelly Ball Blaster Battles take the mess out of the equation while keeping all the fun. Dive, duck, and dodge as you engage in epic battles with soft, squishy ammo. It’s like a water balloon fight, but way cooler. 

What’s extra cool about the Gelly Ball Battles is that the whole family can enjoy this particular activity at High Caliber. Ages 5 and up get geared up with protective masks and have fun on the Battlefield. Other activities that are appropriate for those 5 and up, are Pocket Soccer, Throwbowling, the recently expanded Arcade, Mini Go Karts, Dodgeball, and Archery Tag

#1 rage room in lansing at High Caliber Karting & Enertainment

Rage Room: Smash Away Your Stress!

Feeling a bit pent up? Enter the High Caliber Rage Room and unleash your inner Hulk! Grab a bat, take aim, and let out all your frustrations on breakable items. It’s the ultimate therapy session that leaves you feeling lighter, happier, and ready for more high-energy fun! So, if life’s been throwing lemons your way, turn them into lemonade by smashing them in our Rage Room—it’s cheaper than therapy and way more fun! 🤯🔨

karaoke for all ages and trivia for all ages at high caliber


Ready to showcase your vocal prowess? Our Karaoke Nights are the perfect stage for your inner rockstar. On Fridays, from 7 – 11 PM, sing your heart out, grab the mic, and let the world (or at least the High Caliber crowd) witness your musical greatness. We’ve got the biggest stage in Lansing for karaoke and up to 5 individual mics so the whole group can get up there and sing. Also, since we’re a family entertainment facility, there’s no age limit for the singers!

Who says the fun stops when the week hits Thursday? At High Caliber, we’re turning Thursday nights into a battle of wits with Trivia Night! Gather your brainiac buddies, challenge your knowledge on a variety of topics, and win fantastic prizes. After flexing those mental muscles, reward yourself with the ultimate stress-busting activities, from Go Kart Racing to Axe Throwing—because a well-rounded fun night is the best kind of night! 🧠🏆 

Teams of four can win $25 gift cards to High Caliber during Trivia Thursday!

Two Full Bars with Food Options: Refuel for Round 2!

All this fun making you hungry and thirsty? No worries! High Caliber boasts not one, but TWO full bars with a menu that’ll satisfy even the pickiest taste buds. Refuel with delicious bites and quench your thirst with a variety of beverages.

So there you have it, folks! High Caliber Karting & Entertainment is the ultimate playground for fun in Lansing, Michigan. Whether you’re a speed demon, a sharpshooter, or just looking for a good time, we’ve got it all – and we even have a package that lets you play all the activities, all day. It’s the All Access Pass, available for all ages 5+ at different prices per age. Come join the party, because at High Caliber, every day is a day for epic adventures and goofy grins! 🎉🏁