Our Favorite Arcade Games

Many people think of arcades as some relic from the past. Between modern gaming consoles and online multiplayer options, no one actually goes to an arcade anymore to play games on outdated machines while munching down slices of pizza, right?

Wrong! In fact, there happens to be an incredible arcade right here in Lansing Michigan, at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment. With a mix of classic and modern games, from first person shooters to racing and more, there’s something for every type of gamer out there. Here are a few of our favorites for every type of competitive player.

For the Old School Arcade Enthusiast

Old school arcade games like space invaders and pacman

When you picture an arcade in your mind, what is the first video game that pops into your head? For many, it would be one of the oldest classics- PacMan. Others might go with something a little further out in space, like Space Invaders. Well get excited, because we have both! These are two of the oldest, longest running game franchises in history, with both dating back to the late 70s / early 80s. The fact that people still love these games in 2022 only proves how timeless and outstanding they are.

But perhaps you are more of a 90s kid? Fear not, as we have gems from that era of video games too. Can anyone say, Mario Kart?!? That’s right, we’ve got the original first-person shooter racing game in the big arcade-style format to fulfill all your nostalgic needs. The choices of classic arcade games aren’t limited strictly to ‘video’ games either. Test your dexterity with a joystick controlled claw, and see if you can grab the prize your date has their eye on. Or stretch those forearm muscles and practice your fastest side-to-side arm sweeps, because we’ve got air hockey too! (Can you even call it an arcade if there isn’t an air hockey table?) Feel the cool air shooting up against your hands as you battle your friend or foe for ultimate bragging rights. Straight shots, ricochets, bounce shots, behind the back- it’s all fair game on the ice (or in this case, on the air).

Air hockey and old school arcade games

For the Sports Lovers and Racers

At High Caliber, you can fill your racing fix even when you’re not driving one of our high-speed go karts down the track. That’s because we have some incredible racing video games inside the arcade as well. Channel your inner Vin Diesel when you play the Fast and Furious racing game. If you prefer motorcycles over souped up cars, then hop on one of the Super Bikes and put your 2-wheel driving to the test. If you want to drive at a slower speed, you can test your 4-way navigational skills on Crossy Road instead. The beloved mobile game is even better in arcade form!

Besides racing, we have a variety of other sports themed games and activities inside the arcade as well. See who really has the best catch with Gold Fishin, or who can stamp out those pesky moles on Whack and Win. Put your hand-eye coordination and throwing skills to the test with Iceball, Extreme Shot, Lane Master and Dizzy Chicken. These games will also test your ability to concentrate with all the fun you’re having inside the arcade. Hitting the arcade with a group of 4 or more people? Jump on Pong Knockout and see who will be the last one standing.

ski ball and throwing games at the arcade

For The Sharp Shooters

First person shooter video games like Big Buck, Terminator, Walking Dead and more

We already mentioned Mario Kart, but that game only has a little bit of ‘shooting’ involved. If you want to test your marksman skills a little more thoroughly, you are in luck because we have a number of exciting first-person shooter arcade games too. Hunt zombies and the undead while trying to keep yourself alive on Walking Dead. Break out your hunting skills with Big Buck HD, or test your accuracy on Target Bravo. You can also battle for the future of humanity in Terminator Salvation. And if you’re really feeling confident about your aim, you can always head over to the Axe Throwing lanes just outside of the arcade, and try something a little more physical.

Tickets and Prizes

Win tickets and prizes at the arcade

No arcade experience would feel complete if you didn’t win something, right? We have a huge selection of games that allow you to win prizes directly, or win tickets that can then be redeemed for prizes. Make your date swoon after you win that giant stuffed teddy bear for them. And you probably won’t believe this, but for a million tickets, you actually get sworn in to the Office of the President*.

As you can see, the Arcade at High Caliber is just one of the incredibly fun things you can do here in Lansing, Michigan. With different types of games for just about everyone, we’re quite confident that you’ll #CancelBoredom and have an absolute blast.

*Office of the President may or may not refer to an actual, real place. But you’ll still get the bragging rights of winning 1 million tickets, and no one can ever take that away from you.