Stress Relief 101:
Rage Rooms

We all deal with stress from time to time. It’s a normal human reaction that everyone experiences. Sometimes that stress can lead to anger, frustration, even feelings of rage. When that happens, it’s important to have a healthy and productive way of dealing with these feelings. Fortunately, High Caliber Karting and Entertainment has just the solution– say hello to the Rage Rooms.

What is a rage room you ask? Also sometimes referred to as a smash room or smash space, a rage room is a controlled area where you can do exactly what it sounds like, let out your rage! We provide an assortment of breakables- ranging from glass bottles and jars to plateware, TVs, and other electronics that you can smash and bash until your heart’s content. That’s right, you can finally get revenge against that awful fax machine, Office Space-style.You also get to use the ‘tool’ of your choice to perform said smashing.

Our Rage Rooms are Safe

Rage Rooms allow you to channel that anger and stress in a safe and productive way. You’ll suit up head to toe in safety gear to ensure that you are fully protected from the mayhem you are about to cause. This means you can focus on letting your emotions out, without any need to worry about the pieces of glass and metal flying around the room. If you want friends and families to watch you in action, they can view things safely from outside the room behind thick protective glass.

When you’re done, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up either! Our team takes care of all the leftover mess inside the room, and more importantly, we help you out of the safety gear and make sure you are completely free of any debris. Once your rage time is done, you can move on to your next activity at High Caliber, feeling relaxed and worry free.

The Rage Room is Fun

We want you to rage in style. In addition to selecting your rage tool of choice, you also get to select your rage music. Rock out with the heaviest of heavy metal as you smash and destroy your rage targets. Or perhaps you’d like to opt for some classical music to set as the soundtrack to your rage session. Whatever kind of music you desire, we’ve got you covered to make sure your time in the Rage Room is as fun as possible.

You don’t have to go into it alone, either. We allow 2 people inside each rage room at a time, for a total of up to 4 people per group. This means you can enjoy the bliss of rage therapy with your friends and family, having a cathartic experience for everyone. Or you and a few coworkers can come down and share the joy of getting vengeance against that pesky computer that always gave you problems.

It's an Effective Form of Self Care

Taking care of your mental health is an important part of stress management. Keeping everything bottled up inside you isn’t healthy, so why not channel that energy into some glass bottles instead? As noted earlier, stress, frustration, and rage are all completely normal emotions. The rage room provides a fully contained safe space where you can let out and explore all of these emotions in a healthy way.

That’s because rage therapy offers a non-judgmental way to “let it all out”. The rage room is quite literally the place where you are supposed to be smashing things to pieces! It’s the perfect place to channel your emotions in a fun and safe manner.

You’ll Get a Little Workout Too

Exercise is an excellent form of stress relief, and wielding that sledgehammer is going to require some strength! Amidst all the fun you have breaking things to pieces, you’re going to give yourself a quick little workout as well. And while we doubt you’ll be sore the next day, your arms, shoulders, chest and back will definitely get a little pump during your rage therapy session. So if you want to blow off some steam in a safe and fun way, step into the Rage Rooms at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment. We think you’ll feel much better after your rage therapy session.

And if you work up a sweat and get thirsty, head over to the Double Clutch Lounge to enjoy fresh cocktails, fantastic beers on tap, and live music several days a week. Or grab some food and drinks at the Bar and Bistro. Once you feel nice and refueled, you can hop on over to the Axe Throwing lanes, or jump onto the track and get an adrenaline rush with high-speed indoor go karting. High Caliber Karting and Entertainment – home of the most fun things to do in Lansing, MI.