Three Reasons to Join High Caliber’s Casket Races

Halloween Fun here in Lansing

High Caliber Karting & Entertainment is hosting something pretty spooktacular this year, the 1st Annual Go-Kart Casket Races! This event brings some small-town fun to the big city! It’ll be a night to remember with a brand new elevated go-kart race experience for teams of three with additional fun for the whole community to take part in!

1. The Casket Race & Body Dash

Each team participating in the casket race will have a team of three, a Racer, a Runner, and a Bodybuilder, because this race includes a Frankenstein bodybuilding competition too! You have the chance to decorate your OWN casket casing (it’s mostly PVC pipe and a cardboard cut out) which snaps over the top of the go-kart frame. 

Here’s a rundown of the race:

→ Your Racer will drive around the track and snatch up cardboard body parts which they will hand off to the Runner.

→ The Runner will run to the bodybuilding station and hand off the body piece to the Body Builder.

→ The Body Builder will bring the monster to life attaching the parts together! → The fastest team to build a body will win the race! 

We’ll also have two other awards we’ll be giving out. The Most Durable – The Casket that loses the least amount of decorations during their time out on the track. The Vincent Van Ghoul – The Casket which is the MOST creative. And we’ll have participation trophies too, for everyone who decided to come out for the 1st ever casket go-kart race. Extra points to the teams who also dress up in costumes for their race! 

2. Unlimited Axe Throwing & Food!

The Go-Kart Casket Race package comes with MORE than just the kooky and weird race. It also comes with unlimited axe throwing, a large single-top pizza, and unlimited sodas for your team. So eat up fuel up before the race, and then throw some axes at zombies in our axe-throwing area afterward!

3. SCAREoke (AKA Spooky Karaoke) & Costume Contest

If you didn’t already know, High Caliber is the hottest place for Friday Night Karaoke in Lansing! We’ll have all the best Halloween-type songs queued up and ready for you to sing your heart out! It begins at 7 for anyone, but teams can participate afterward. Costumes are of course encouraged. Join our in-house KJ for some incredible beats! 

There will be a brief pause in karaoke (which runs until we close) around 8/8:30 PM when we announce the winners of the Casket Races AND the costume contest. We’ll have three different categories to win for the costume contest, Crowd Favorite, Spookiest, and Best Couple/Group costume. Costume registration will begin at 6 PM and close at 8:15 PM. 


We lied, there is secretly a fourth incredible reason to join the Casket Races! This is our first year running them! That means you get to be a part of it from the very beginning! It’s just gonna get bigger and better each year, and you can totally be one of the people who said “I’ve done this every year!” We’re only selling a few spots for the race though! So sign up now and secure your scary space!

Spectating the race and cheering on your favorite team is totally free! As is the Karaoke and Costume Contest! It doesn’t cost a thing to come out and steal the stage OR win the costume contest! And don’t worry, Jacki the Marketing Director who’s writing this blog and who is also co-hosting the event with Zach Bingham, CAN’T win the costume contest, even though it’ll be a wicked costume. 

Want to learn more about where the idea of the Casket Race came from? It came from her hometown of Elmore, Ohio, which used to host a Tombstone Derby. It was the bee’s knees. We hope to make it just as big as that in the years to come. So come out and support this super weird, fun, Halloween event in East Lansing! 

Xoxoxoxo- The Marketing Team

casket race halloween event at high caliber karting


  • 6:00 PM - Arrival and safety checks of casket designs
  • 6:30 PM - Costume contest registration opens (costume contest is free to participate)
  • 7:00 PM - Go-Kart Casket Racing and Karaoke begins
  • 8:15 PM - Costume Contest Registration closes
  • 8:30 PM - Award Ceremony for Costume Contest and Casket Race
  • 9:00 PM - Spooky karaoke resumes, axe throwing for package participants
  • 11:59 PM - High Caliber closes