Support the Sparrow Foundation by Voting for Your Fave Dapper Dad

*Ahem* aka Jordan Munsters

What has the owner and Chief Fort Officer of High Caliber Karting & Entertainment gotten himself into!? Some great charity work by the looks of it on our end over here, but let’s be real, Jordan Munsters is a Dapper Dad. Although if you knew him closely he may seem more like the crazy, fun uncle than a father. For once he hasn’t gotten himself into trouble and instead is helping raise donations for the Sparrow Foundation. A worthy cause if there ever was one. 

But what is the Sparrow Foundation and why should you cast your vote (a $5 pledge or more) for our main man Mr. Munsters? We’re gonna lay that all down right now, so read more to learn, or just go ahead and click that button below to stop reading and just donate some cold hard cash. Your choice. Reading can be hard.

What is the Sparrow Foundation

The Sparrow Foundation plays a critical role in the Health System life cycle by collecting resources and boosting awareness in the community. When the pandemic began in March 2020, the foundation was able to collect donations ranging from PPE Gloves, masks, and gowns, to financial support for their Challenge Response Fund.

Why Does it Matter?

The money raised during the Dapper Dads Challenge and Fashion Show (yes we’ll get to the fashion show later) benefits the projects of Sparrow Foundation Women Working Wonders (W3)–a volunteer committee dedicated to improving the physical and psychological health of women. Since 2002, W3 has raised funds to help care for new moms, women with breast cancer, victims of sexual assault, the medicaly underserved, and more. 

Since its inception, this popular event hosted by W3 and the Sparrow Foundation has raised more than $4.1 million in support of the physical and psychological health of women in mid-Michigan. Founded in 2002 by Lansing entrepreneur Virginia Hilbert, the W3 committee is comprised of more than 35 professional women from the Greater Lansing area. Its signature fundraisers are The Dapper Dads Challenge and Fashion Show, and Art a la Carte.

What Did You Say About a Fashion Show?!

Does this mean we get to see THE Jordan Munsters be the most handsome and goofy model the runway ever did see? Maybe! That is up to you and the number of votes that are cast for him! The Dapper Dads Challenge is open now until September 13, 2022, at 5 PM for online voting. BUT! The voting will continue at the Fashion Show WHICH YOU CAN ATTEND and maybe, like, make it rain on Jordan; we’re not totally sure if that would be frowned upon at an event like this, but is there any harm in trying? Probably. Will it stop you? No way it will!

Anyways, the “fun” fashion show will take place on September 14th at Kositchek’s Menswear (where Jordan will be dressed to the nines-let’s see if he can get those light up shoes past security though). The top 13 dads are featured at this fashion show, so if you want Jordan to strut his stuff, you better get to voting and make him reach the top 3 in our opinions! Because the top 13 dads are ALSO featured in a Dapper Dads calendar (make that Lansing’s hottest dad’s calendar 😉). We all know you want more Jordan in your life.

I Want to Watch Jordan STRUT HIS STUFF

Hell yeah, you do. Here are all the deets you need to come cheer on and support our favorite gear head with a totally cool business. 

General Admission Ticket – $30 
VIP Ticket – $60
Location: Under the tent on Washington Square at Kositchek’s in Downtown Lansing
Date: Sept. 14, 2022
5:30 VIP Reception
6:30 General Admission & Doors open 
Vote for your favorite Dads until the end of the runway show.
Parking: Complimentary use of the surface lot behind First National Bank of Michigan is available at the corner of Grand and Michigan Ave. You can enter the lot off of Grand Ave.  

You can then cast EVEN MORE VOTES FOR JORDAN at the FASHION SHOW, so you know you want to support a great cause but like, also make Jordan a winner at the same time, because why else would you still be reading this really long blog post at this point?

Why Vote Jordan Munsters as a Dapper Dad for the Sparrow Foundation?

You need MORE of a reason than just seeing Jordan in a FASHION SHOW and as a pin up girl in a calendar?! That’s a calendar we’d want to hang up ALL over High Caliber. 

But in all seriousness, Jordan Munsters is just a fabtabulous guy and father. We joke a lot around here, but that’s just because he has made such an incredibly cool place here in Lansing, Michigan. Who would have ever thought that an indoor amusement park curated for adult fun would be such a success here in little ole Okemos, Michigan?! He did, and he made it happen. 

His success with High Caliber isn’t the only great thing about this guy though. He is constantly working on himself and making High Caliber a more inclusive place for everyone out there. Earlier this year, we were able to finally debut the Handicablable go kart which lets wheelchair users ride on the track with their friends and family again. High Caliber is also looking for other ways we can make the amusement facility more inclusive for autisitc visitors and their family. 

His team continues to hire a diverse set of driven employees looking to fit in with a community, work in a hella cool place, and make a difference by bringing joy to each and every guest. Crafting a welcoming workspace that delivers fun to everyone is one of the many missions and goals for High Caliber. 

IDK man, kinda sounds like the marketing team turned this blog into a why you should work for High Caliber, but at the same time all these things perfectly describe why Jordan Munsters is such a pillar in this community. And that pillar is probably the best one out there, it’s the pillar of making fun together. 

So why not pledge $5 dollars, or if you’re feeling hella frisky, what about $100? How about we make it extra special, and if you donate over $200 dollars for Jordan during the Dapper Dads Challenge, we’ll let ya do something hella fun and embarrassing to him, like pie cream him in the face or something a bit more extreme. You know, actually, we’ve got a little something for all our donation levels, check them out below! 

Dapper Dads donation level

AND PS, if as a collective, we score over $75,000 in donations earned in Jordan’s name, we’re gonna make him dress up as Peach from the world of Mario and work all day in a pretty pink dress and crown, taking laps around the track, and also while we let you guys all come out and cream pie in the face or Gellyball Blaster around his general direction. It’s a lofty goal but we can make it happen. 

In the next few weeks, we’ll publish our success on social and you’ll see a donation thermometer in the Arcade near the front desk at High Caliber. Let’s get Jordan all dolled up as the iconic Peach. 

Jordan Munsters Peach Mario Kart