Why We Love Bars with Live Music

There’s nothing quite like sitting back and sipping on an ice cold beer or craft cocktail. You might do this from the comfort of your home, in the woods on a camping trip, or perhaps at your favorite bar. Enjoying a fresh libation at the local watering hole as you trade jokes and stories with others is both fun and relaxing. We are social creatures by nature, and hanging out at a bar is a great way to fulfill those socialization needs. But not all bars are created equal. And in our opinion, there is one element that really takes a bar to the next level- live music! Keep reading to find out exactly why we love bars with live music oh-so-much.

bars with live music are fun and uplifting

It’s Fun and Uplifting

Music has the uncanny ability to change your mood. It can make you happy when you’re feeling down, relax you when you’re feeling stressed, or get you pumped up if you’re tired. It really is a thing of magic. But there is actually some science behind this magic. We won’t go all PhD on you and get into a deep lecture, but studies have shown that listening to music causes your brain to release dopamine. This simultaneously decreases your stress levels while elevating your mood.

Now combine this with a social setting, where everyone is letting loose and feeling the vibe, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a good time. The energy and fun becomes contagious and encompasses everyone in the venue. Stress and worries melt away as the smile on your face grows larger.

bars with live music have unique atmosphere

The Atmosphere is Uniquely Different

Live music just hits differently. Compared to the flat and compressed sounds of a recording, live music has an almost physical quality to it..Many have said that you can feel it in your soul, and we have to agree. You can actually feel the bass and drums reverberate through your body. The sound is richer and full of texture. This rawness is a big part of what amps up the energy level of everyone in the bar. This creates a synergistic effect between the band and the audience, with both building off one another more and more as the night goes on. Whether you’re rocking out to some metal, or listening to some contemplative blues and jazz, the dynamic between the musicians and the audience can not be overstated enough.

bars with live music get you moving

It’s Healthy

No one goes to the bar to get exercise, but live music will get you up on your feet and moving around. Far too many of us have sedentary day jobs, where we’re sitting for hours on end. But our bodies were not built to sit in one place all day, they were made to stand and move around. A bar with live music is the perfect environment to get those joints moving as you spin, twist, dance and twirl around.

In fact, listening to live music could even help alleviate some of your back pain! Let us dust off our nerd glasses one more time and break down the science of it: Both the autonomic nervous system and the limbic system are extremely sensitive and reactive to music. This means you can reduce muscle tension in your neck, shoulders, stomach and back, all while having a blast with your friends.

bars with live music are new and interesting

There’s Always Something New and Interesting

Possibly our favorite aspect of going to a bar with live music is the chance to discover something completely new. There are so many talented local and regional musicians that you and I and most people have never even heard of. What better way to discover a new up and coming artist than by checking out an unknown band or musician at the local bar?

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