Yo Mama Billboard

Heading West on 496 😉

Yeah, we crazy mother truckers did it. High Caliber Karting decided that the best way to take advantage of our two open billboards on 496 is by telling the biggest Yo Mama joke in the Lansing area. By the way , the billboard isn’t wrong, we have fun for everyone here. Over 100,000 sq ft of fun and the best adult amusement park that is in Michigan! Now the downside of having to having a Yo Mama joke as a billboard is that it doesn’t exactly explain what we are doing. 

SO, here’s a brief overview. 

Here at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment, we do EVERYTHING FUN. Whether that’s just drinking a beer, or throwing some axes, racing some go karts, breaking some TV’s. Check out our Play page and see what you want to do with us… 😉 and what we want to do with yo mama. 

Where can I see this yo mama joke?

It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is head west on I 496 towards Mt Hope park, out of Lansing! You honestly can’t miss Yo Mama, it’s the biggest thing next to Exit 3.