Community is Our BIGGEST Value

First Comes Success, Second Comes Setting Examples

Three years ago, a couple of friends got together to make a big dream happen. They had never opened a business together before but didn’t let that stop them from opening High Caliber Karting & Entertainment in late 2019. They had no idea of the rollercoaster ride they were about to embark on though. Directly after opening, the nation went into lockdown due to a little thing called COVID, and their doors were closed again before even establishing themselves. It didn’t stop them though. They found ways to help build other community businesses with a rousing game of Lansing-based Candy Land and even expand their location while the state-mandated them to remain closed.

succeeding after covid

When many other entertainment businesses or local stores had buckled under the immense pressure of not knowing the future, High Caliber dug their heels in and found a way to make things work. Now, after their Junior year in business, they are seeing huge success. The payoff has finally landed.

They broke records, hosted their largest events to date, like the Sparrow Gala, began hosting live music, introduced new activities, and won SIX different awards in the community. One of which was 517 Business & Life’s 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year, presented to Owner and CEO, Jordan Munsters. They didn’t just do this with hard work and dedication though, they immersed themselves in the East Lansing community, showing that if they support the public, the locals will support High Caliber. 

Entrepreneur of the Year

Raising standards and accessibility 

Starting off strong in April, High Caliber set new standards for the go-kart industry by debuting the Handicabale Go-Kart, where people in wheelchairs can have fun racing their friends by using hand brakes and accelerators instead of foot pedals. Creating more inclusion within the entertainment business and Mid-Michigan as a whole. 🧑‍🦽

Lansing’s #1 Dapper Dad

Throughout the summer, Munsters ran as one of the Sparrow Foundation’s Dapper Dads. A donation campaign that directly raised funds for local women’s health advances. He ended up raising $25,000 and earned first place among the local Dad’s racing to raise the most donations. But Jordan’s favorite part? The drive home from the event.

“My daughter Leah felt on top of the world that we took first place. She just danced to the music the whole way home and told me how her face hurt from smiling so much. We did it together and there is no price I could place on how we bonded. She and I’ve always been close, but now she knows that she’s a champion as well. To her, our stage performance is what got us to the top!” 🧔‍♂️

Dapper dad Jordan Munsters winning with daughter Leah Munsters

2nd annual meridian motorfest

Over Labor Day weekend, High Caliber hosted its Second Annual Meridian Motorfest, the biggest car show with the most classes and contents to win in central Michigan. The free event started as a way to let the car community come back together during Covid and give younger enthusiasts something to do outside. All money collected for the Meridian Motorfest was then donated to local women’s health advocacy. WOOT WOOT! 👯‍♀️

meridian motorfest high caliber karting

our first appreciation day for first responders

Last but not least, was the inaugural First Responder’s Appreciation Day. It was a huge success–EMTs, firefighters, emergency dispatchers, & police officers–were invited to spend the day having fun at High Caliber for free. Munsters’ implemented the Appreciation Day in hopes of setting a standard in Lansing, encouraging other business owners to take the chance to say thank you to the individuals who put their life on the line everyday at work. ❤️‍🔥

rage room with firefighter

our challenge to you…

From one successful business to all the other owners, fans, and community members reading this article, ask yourself, how best can I help make my community a better place? Because Being High Caliber in the Community raises the standards for everyone. And trust us when we tell you, it pays tenfold. 🏎️🏁

High caliber in the community