High Caliber Awards & Accolades

Repping Hard in the Paint in 2022

Have you heard about all the really cool awards High Caliber Karting & Entertainment has been winning lately? We couldn’t be winning any of them without the amazing support we get from our fans and the surrounding Lansing community though! We’d like to share some of our success with all of you, anyone who is reading this right now, we have you to thank for all of our great success.

When Jordan Munsters and the founders went to open High Caliber’s doors in 2019, they had no idea what would be in store for them or the success of the business themselves. Many nay-sayers said that a go-kart family entertainment facility would never work in Okemos, Michigan. Then the pandemic hit in 2020, only a few months after opening, and the managerial team was unsure or what would happen next or if we’d be able to come out on the other side with similar facilities closing throughout the country. High Caliber even expanded its square footage near the end of Covid, with the expansion opening in late 2021. 

After all this turmoil, ups and downs, along with a life-changing accident that owner Munsters suffered in 2020, the future of High Caliber was uncertain, like many other small businesses throughout the United States and Michigan in general. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and man is it bright. High Caliber was able to remain genuinely authentic throughout it all and I think we can officially say that we’ve made 2022 our year! 

Before we get into the individual awards, we want to take a moment to talk about how much High Caliber’s team leaders have expanded. The founders, Jordan Munsters (CEO & Owner), Casey Steele (Operations Manager), Tracy Shepard (HR Manager), and Zach Bingham (General Manager), have been joined by many new faces around the facility. High Caliber has been able to cultivate continued growth with both inner company promotions and hiring top talent outside of organization. Danielle Walker, who began as a bartender, is now the head of the Events Team, while Tyler Call worked his way from an experience creator to Assistant General Manager. Of course, our sweet Tyler Kozinski (TK), who began in the kitchen, has now become our full time social media manager and general content creator. Last but not least, after gathering eight years of Marketing and PR experience while in Colorado, Jacki Krumnow transplanted to Holt, MI, to join our team as the new Marketing Director and Media Contact.

MABA 50 companies to watch in michigan

Thanks to the team’s ability to grow, learn, and spread joy throughout the Lansing area, High Caliber has received a multitude of accolades throughout the year 2022. We’d like to take a moment to tell you all about them because these are your awards too. Every person who has come in and raced a go-kart, anyone who told their best friend about their night axe throwing, the Google Reviewers telling us how awesome we are (or that we need to improve on something), the journalists who have helped us promote our events and activities, and even our competitors. We share these spotlights with you. High Caliber, at its core, is a community, from the people working inside every day, to the guests who walk through our doors making us a success. So our awards are wholeheartedly your awards. So what wins did we get this year?

517 Business and Life’s Entrepreneur of the Year

M3 Group, a publisher out of the Lansing area, puts on a Greater Lansing Entrepreneur Awards every year, where it honors the most impressive and distinguished entrepreneurs of the greater 517 area. There are a total of 5 awards given out during this event, but the biggest one (and of course the one they present last) is the Entrepreneur of the Year.

This most-coveted award sets the bar for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs. The award encourages nominees, and all entrepreneurs, to pursue their goals and attain the level of financial success and prominence that past recipients have achieved.

2022's Entrepreneur of the year | Jordan Munsters | High CAliber Karting and entertainment

We can’t tell you how excited we were, collectively as a team, that Jordan brought home this award this year. With the award in hand, Jordan realizes that when he and his team enjoy life and are their genuine selves, the community embraces them. That we are a team of inexperienced misfits that have learned, grown, and adapted to become exceptional leaders in not just the entertainment industry, but Lansing as well. High Caliber can now hold its head high knowing that we’ve become leaders in the community we love to spread joy in. Although we are young in our journey, winning Entrepreneur of the Year excites all of us, and so much more about the future.

As a fun aside, the awards show’s dress code was formal, black tie. Jacki, said Marketing Director from above, tried to get us to clean up our act a bit for it, after last year when we wore actual Halloween costumes of businessmen (Willy Wonka is CLEARLY a top entrepreneur Jacki, get out of our FACE ABOUT IT). So, her outlandish request was no costumes! We need to go in suits and ties or dresses! Well, us being the fun, goofy people we are decided to come to a compromise. Yes, we will wear formal clothing, but everyone picks out an outfit for a different person on the team. Make it audacious, but no costumes. I think it’s safe to say, we delivered. 

Entrepreneur of the Year

And it was a hit! We were the talk of the award show before we even won the Entrepreneur of the Year. I think it’s safe to say, we may just continue with this new tradition.

Lansing Chamber of Commerce’s 10 Over the Next 10 Awards

The 16th annual 10 Over the Next Ten Awards recognizes Greater Lansing’s top 10 young professionals who are expected to contribute significantly to our community over the next ten years. The award recipients are young professionals who were selected on professional achievement and community involvement.

Sadly, High Caliber missed out on the award ceremony that was held on September 20th, because we were hosting our First Responders Appreciation Day at the same time. (Poor planning on everyone’s part. 😬) But hey, the appreciation day was also a wild success. 

One of the reasons Jordan was selected for the award is because his favorite thing to do is to get people to break out of their comfort zones and have fun. He is doing that through two successful businesses he has created—High Caliber Karting and Entertainment and Combat Karting, LLC. The two companies combined employ more than 60 people. Located in the Meridian Mall, High Caliber Karting has become an anchor entertainment complex. While many restaurants and entertainment companies had to close during the Covid shutdown, Jordan found a way to keep the 80,000-square-foot facility open and proceed with a 25,000-square-foot expansion in 2021. It was no easy feat, let us tell you. 

High Caliber and Jordan are active in supporting numerous fundraisers. In 2021, Meridian Township sought Jordan’s support in hosting a community car show that would draw people from all over the state. The first year of Meridian Motorfest brought over 200 vehicles and 1,000 people to the area. It was hosted a second time and saw nearly double the registered cars and attendees. He has also hosted numerous activities to support the local arts community.

Sparrow Foundations #1 Dapper Dad in partnership with Women Working Wonders

This last summer, Jordan stretched his philanthropy muscles out, aiming to be the most Dapper Dad of the Lansing area. The Dapper Dad’s Challenge has been happening for the last 12 years, thanks to the Sparrow Foundation and Women Working Wonders (W3). The campaign has the most influential businessmen in the area competing to raise donations to benefit women’s mental and physical health. 

Although we didn’t hit our target goal of $75,000 (that was an overestimate on our end, big oof), we were able to raise so many donations that Jordan actually won first place! We had a gay old time at the Fashion Show where Jordan and his daughter did a super fun routine that included bubble guns, money guns, sunflowers from their garden, and cool moves. 

To quote the main man himself, “My most memorable Dapper Dads moment was actually on the drive home. My daughter felt on top of the world that we took 1st place altogether. She let her hair down and just danced to the music the whole way home telling me about how her face hurts from smiling so much. She and I did it together and there is absolutely no price I could place on that bond we have now. She and I have always been close, but now she knows that she is a champion as well. To her, our stage performance is what got us to the top.” 

Dapper dad Jordan Munsters winning with daughter Leah Munsters

SBAM’s Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

Michigan 50 Companies to Watch The Michigan 50 Companies to Watch is the premier MCSB awards category that recognizes the 50 Michigan companies that are up-and-coming with high potential for the future. Award criteria include annual revenue between $750,000 and $50 million, between six and 99 full-time equivalent W2 employees, as well as a demonstration of substantial growth and a sustainable competitive advantage.

High Caliber was among the Top 50 Michigan Companies to watch. Companies that win this award project continued growth in 2022, with a 36 percent revenue increase and a 13 percent growth in employees (both in Michigan and out of state) compared to 2021. If their projections hold, these companies will have generated $1.4 billion in revenue and added 974 employees over the last five years—a 257 percent increase in revenue and a 199 percent increase in jobs since 2018.

Of note, many of these companies are usually a bit more stuffy than us, but still just as important though! When looking at the business sector distribution though, there were 17 in manufacturing and just ONE in entertainment and recreation. Pretty cool for the class clown to squeak on into a group of honor students. We must be doing something right obviously. 

We’re also one of only three companies in the capital area to have been awarded the recognition. 

We wouldn’t be receiving any of these awards without you though, so again, from our hearts to you, thank you, for all the continued support throughout the last three years and many more in the future.